RD-7B-S002 - Surface Mounting (SMT) Reed Switches Type


Item Value
Characteristics Compact, general purpose
Contact Material Ruthenium
Standard Coil N-103
Pick-up Amps 10 ~ 40 A
Drop-out Amps (min) 5 A
Operating Time (max) 0.5 ms
Release Time (max) 0.05 ms
Bounce Time 0.5 ms
Max. Switching Power 10 W
Max. Switching Voltage 100 VDC
Max. Switching Current 0.5 A
Max. Carrying Current 1.0 A
Contact Resistance 150 mΩ
Withstand Voltage 200 VDC
Insulation Resistance 109 Ω (100 VDC)
Shock and Vibration Resistance Faulty operation: 98 m/s2
Fracture: 490 m/s2
Operating Temperature -40° ~ 125° C
Reed Resonant Frequency 4.9 kHz
Mechanical Life (operations) 108
Electrical Life (resistive loads) 5 X 107 (5 VDC, 10mA)
RD-7B Reed Switch

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