Level Sensor - use in water and oil

Aleph FS-3101/3201 Level Sensor




Liquid Used Water (1.0)
Material Case PP Resin
Float PP Resin
Electrical Characteristics Maximum Switching Rate 50W
Maximum Switching Voltage 200V
Maximum Switching Current 0.6A
Contact Withstand Voltage (DC) 250V
Contact Resistance 0.3Ω max
Temperature Range -10 to +60°C




Aleph FS-3101/3201 Level Sensor

Dimensions in mm
(1mm = 0.0394 inches)


Switching Level


Swithcing Level (mm)
When a sensor is mounted upside down, the switching distance is audemars piguet replica changed. Please contact us for details.

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Aleph FS-3101/3201 Level Sensor

  FS-3101 FS-3201
ON 10.5 min. 17.5 max.
OFF 17.5 max. 10.5 min.