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Other Sensor
Safing(Shock) Sensors
Developed for automotive SRS air bag.
  Detects G-force using a reed switch,magnet and spring configuration.
  Vertical type, horizontal type and ultra compact type available.
  SRS air bag system.
  Seatbelt pre-tensioner.
  Collision detection systems.
Passive Infrared Sensors
Internal Fresnel lens provides a wide detection area.
  Detects differential temperature.
  Small package, allows for high density designs at low price.
  Lower power consumption than active detectors.
  Sensing modules for vending machines, OA equipment, ATM, ADM, CD, escalator,etc.
  Automatic light control for office,private room, bathroom,etc.
  Automatic ventilation systems,air-conditioning systems, etc.
  Various amusement machines.
Flow Sensors (RPS Series)
  RPS series
Operated by built in RSW at a specified flow.
  Operating level can be selected between 1.0 to 3.5 liter/minute.
  Control of circulation co6lant of various machines.
  Control of the flow rate in a small process.
  Detects flow rate of pump, warm water supply system,warm water devices,etc.
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