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Level Sensor
General-purpose Type
  FS-3101 Series
Nut or flange mount available.
  Stem and float material available for detection of different liquids(water, oil,etc).
  Special type which detects two different specific gravities such as water and oil by one sensor available.
  Side installation type also available.(ESL type)
  Household equipment such as heaters,humidifiers,air-conditioners, dehumidifiers,etc.
  Sensing units for construction machineries such as crane,power shovel,bulldozer,etc.
  Sensors for toilets and solar heating system,warm water supply system,etc.
  Sensing modules for cars,truck,forklift,etc.
Stainless Steel Type
  FS-9101 Series
Meets Japanese Food Hygiene Standard.
  Available with 45mm,100mm and 150mm stem.
  Vending machine.
  Medical instruments.
  Equipment for restaurant such as ice maker,dish washer,etc.
  Food preparation equipment.
Photo Type
  OL Series
Emitting and receiving elements built in one package.
  Detects liquid levels such as water,oil,silicon,etc.
  Compact size with no float required.
  High detection accuracy.
  No moving parts.
  Sensing units for heaters,humidifier,air-conditioner, dehumidifiers,etc.
  OA machinery such as printers,etc.
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